elegant solutions

Customer service is a complex ecosystem based on fundamental rules and strong individualities.

Because each customer is unique, every customer service organization requires its tailored solutions.


ɛlɪɡ(ə)nt / adjective

graceful and stylish in appearance or manner,

and in a solution to a problem, pleasingly ingenious and simple.

Our approach 

Kleptika.com - elegant solutions


We define together a scope of our observation that will establish the foundation of  our collaborative journey. This observation will collect what is in place and address any component that is missing.


As per the results of the observation, we design with you the new business and operational processes. We also define together the quick-wins that will allow very quickly to see added value. We collaborate to detail the planning of changes in a clear way in order to grant a smooth and efficient execution.


We execute and manage the plan; we put the new processes in place, we set up the operations and we transfer the knowledge to the representatives.


We measure and analyze the KPIs defined during the planning phase with your operational teams and management; we tune together the needed adjustments to ensure the efficiency and performance of your business transformation.

Customer    Strategy CX

Reveal tangible & intangible assets: Customer Service is all about how to manage the intangible assets that are customers satisfaction, quality of service, people skills and processes performance. It relies on the tangible assets of the products and services, the contact center and other touch-points, and…

Performance Revelator

Free people, processes, and technology potential to bring contact center organization to next level of excellence. Contact Centre organizations are changing the way companies interact with their customers. They are a strategic asset in delivering exceptional service quality and increasing customer loyalty.

Brand Accelerator

The royal track to customer experience excellence. Kleptika is your partner to improve your marketing effectiveness, your corporate image and therefore the awareness and reputation of your company. Remember your brand is the DNA of your company.So if you are wondering:

Tailored Applications

Design and implement the best technological enablers. Each process requires the support of the right technology for any customer service representative to focus on his mission and to deliver a delightful experience to customers. Kleptika proposes multi-dimensional solutions that cover …