THIERRY P. - Founder - Customer Experience & Operational PerformanceFounder - Customer Experience & Operational Performance


21+ years Customer Service experience across Europe, Middle-East, and Africa

Certified COPC / 6 Sigma
Thierry is specialized in setting up, incubating and growing successful projects for customer service organizations by creating an ecosystem of People, Processes and Technology.
His tour of duty includes working for some of the largest system integrators, 2 of the Big 5 Customer Service Providers, and setting up customer service operations for large accounts in Banking, Telecom, and Automotive sectors.

SANDRINE P. - Founder - General Manager - Branding & Social MediaFounder - General Manager - Branding & Social Media


10+ years experience across Europe, Middle-East, and USA

Sandrine is passionate about creating and animating innovative and brilliant communication on all type of medium, physical or virtual.
She co-creates with each and every client initiatives that are optimized to make the brand shine even more while delivering accurate messages and honored engagements to end-customers and staff. She is the co-founder of My Small Community, the first free and safe private network between neighbors in Dubai (

KISHAN D. -  Sr Consultant - Innovative Process Re-eng & Compliance Automation Sr Consultant - Innovative Process Re-eng & Compliance Automation


15+ years experience across US, Asia & Middle-East

Kishan is an innovative & strategic minded management consultant delivering process excellence, transformational change and GRC automation. He has an eye for the details and understands the customer journey outside philosophy to gain actual efficiency using data science, real time robotic process & compliance. He is a black belt and understands the difference between perceived efficiency and real time efficiency.

KAYVAN S. - Online & mobile applications - Web & e-commerce portalsOnline & mobile applications - Web & e-commerce portals


10+ years experience across Middle-East

Founder of HD Group
Kayvan is a quality and performance focused expert, leveraging its entrepreneur mindset and its constant research of innovation and efficiency in designing and implementing web and mobile tools.