Why should you adopt RDA – Robotic Desktop Automation

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is the new buzz word in the industry. But few really understand that the quick-win is Robotic Desktop Automation, RDA.

RDA, also called Attended RPA, really allows industries to unleash their full potential. And Kleptika is the only company in the Middle East providing RDA, powered by Contextor.

So you might be wondering what is RDA – Robotic Desktop Automation? RDA automates rule-based processes, creating and designing robots that manipulate software like a human. This is how it looks like.

What RDA looks like

Think about all the repetitive clerical tasks your agents perform, either in a contact center, in branches, or in the back office. From copy/pasting continuously, clicking to open all the applications needed to answer a client, verifying and controlling documentation, making multiple data entries in CRMs .

Whether your agents are using many different software management applications or just one big complex enterprise system, these inefficient processes tend to generate errors, mistakes, staff stress, and most of all delays in answering the client properly.

You did not hire your agents to act like robots, so why do you use their skills to repeat the same task 100 times a day? Let’s take the robot out of your agents! And instead, let them focus on more strategic and added value tasks.

And increase the overall customer experience of your clients!

Whether you are in banking, insurance, telecommunications, utilities, healthcare or government agencies, everyone is under pressure to improve performance.

Processing an insurance claim, opening a bank account, recording a complaint, delivering contact center services: you can easily find numerous processes that are repetitive, time-consuming and that require a lot of staff training.

Kleptika’s RDA solution is a solution that delivers very fast high process efficiency, costs reductions and let your agents focus on providing a high-end customer experience.

You can probably think of several process inefficiency that needs to be fixed today. Take the example of a contact center environment.

When the customer call, do your customer service reps have an immediate 360 view of all they need to interact with the customer or do they waste valuable time asking lots of questions searching for information across multiple systems?

Do they have to click through lots of multiple unneeded screens as they perform tasks?

Does your agent mouse path look like a mess?

If it does, Kleptika can help you map your processes and help you boost your efficiency and accuracy.

  • Our solutions are easy to implement and to deploy across your entire teams, in just weeks, without the lengthy development cycle or costly consultancy commitment you might expect.
  • So no matter what systems you use, Kleptika can help you improve any process in the best possible user environment for your users. And together they can use the tools you need to deliver a world-class service organization. That is the kind of impact you are looking for.
  • Thanks to Kleptika you will deliver higher productivity, higher quality, and most of all, customers will live a higher experience by interacting with agents that are more focused on high-level and more valuable tasks.
  • So are you ready for the 4th industrial revolution?