AI technology rethinks data processing (handwritten arabic included)

“Our partnership with Kleptika goes beyond opening new markets. It makes our product, docBrain, better. By processing documents typed or handwritten in Arabic, we push the limits of a truly language-agnostic AI recognition service. Together with Kleptika, we are able to deliver automated solutions that are highly competitive within the region, improve customer service and accelerate the digital transformation of our end customers,” stated Geert Truyen Moonoia CEO.

Kleptika distributes Moonoia in the MENA region

“You might have used OCR solutions before. But what we offer you is OCR 2.0. Our solution combines AI, ML and deep neural network (DNN) models to extract information from document images including complex, unstructured data such as cursive writing—something that is impossible to achieve through old-style OCR solutions.

Traditional OCR technologies can only read limited handwritten, deteriorated or unconstrained documents, leaving too much of the content to human operators to decipher. Manual validation again makes up for a time consuming and cost intensive job, does not guarantee the accuracy levels required today and is prone to many other errors.”

The one-of-its-kind docBrain platform is the missing link to create a comprehensive ecosystem that delivers end-to-end automation of document processing, operating seamlessly with RPA platforms and digital touchpoints. Being able to finally understand and analyse any type of hand written or printed Arabic documents is a real AI revolution for the region.” Stated Thierry Petrens, CEO Kleptika.

“During the past few years, neural network technology has revolutionized image and natural language processing, data extraction (capture), and document classification. Through a continuous deep learning process, layers of artificial neurons are being trained on millions of sample images to detect patterns and recognize assets that even knowledge workers cannot. Automating high-value, document-centric processes is crucial for gaining competitive advantage in this day and age, freeing up more time and resources to focus on core activities while ensuring that business decisions are based on the correct data. Moreover, human resources can undertake higher-value tasks while becoming more flexible.

Our solution is an industrialized, multi-purpose, document- centric AI platform. The platform allows clients to train their neural network models while still offering ready-to-use, generic models, and capabilities such as language-agnostic cursive handwriting recognition, image quality enhancement or document classification.

Our solution offers state-of-the-art data extraction and automated classification abilities to decipher, extract data even from handwritten, unstructured, and deteriorated documents. Moreover, it can also read cursive Arabic.”