Kleptika – virtual assistant

Chatbot NLP

Deliver outstanding service 24/7 via digital devices
using Natural Language Processing in any language
and dialects, including Arabic.

Arabot - arabic chatbot

Our virtual assistant technology & A.I. system stands out as the pioneer powerful platform of it kinds by providing an intelligent multi-language bot.

Built upon a state of the art multi-language NLP engine, which deals with understanding and analyzing content & conversation – with different Arabic dialects.

Our chatbot delivers an accurate and efficient customer experience.

We are able to build a conversation/dialogue management as a hybrid rule based system fused with Deep Machine Learning to reach needed levels of Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

Seamless integration

Using a unique middleware powered by Robotic Desktop Automation, our virtual assistant can be seamlessly integrated into the company online platforms and with any kind of frontend and backend systems. And it takes advantage of RPA and RDA know-how to improve efficiency throughout automation of daily tasks & processes

Main features of our Virtual Assistant

  • Always On: 24/7 always same great experience
  • Personalized: One-2-One targeted Offers with Real time Recommendations
  • Task Automation: Improve efficiency with automation of daily tasks & processes
  • Responsive: instance reply, Serve and Care within millisecond
  • No Download: No More application download, No registration
  • Simple & Accessible: As simple as sending a text message!