Shifts in consumers' demand are the key strategy for automotive players
in the next decade, together with new regulations related to safety, fuel
economy, and the increased availability of data across multiple channels.

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Automotive is a growth industry that has overcome expectations the past years worldwide. Along with this healthy growth, the industry is also facing strategic challenges

China market is booming, US one is above expectations, and Europe shows very positive signs.

Three challenges will have to be addressed in the very next years, related to consumer expectations regarding service, demographic changes, and economic shifts, and finally new technologies.

65% of customers who are willing to buy a car have clicked on a Facebook Ad when they receive it

1 out of 2 customers say that review websites are the main influential source for selecting the "right" dealership

A vast majority of customers rely on dealerships, especially when it comes to the purchasing step. But they make fewer visits, preferring finding information, benchmarks, or group of discussions online to make a pre-selection of options.

The strategic transformation for the coming years will be to move dealers towards a profitable, innovative, multi-media sales channel that joins the opportunities of the online channels with the strengths of the traditional dealership one.


Kleptika can build with you the strategies and initiatives that can answer the top questions:

  • How to implement an efficient omni-channel customer experience where digitalization will boost the sales and service process.

  • How to transform the sales and services processes to fit with innovative products and technologies that require highly skilled staff.

  • How to maximize the VOC outcomes by gathering and analyzing the right data.

  • How to build a unified view of the customers consistent in all phases of the customer journey.

  • How to proactively entertain and serve the customers.