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Customers expect their bank to listen and to understand their needs in terms of experience and products.

Banking and Finance

Customers’ demands, regulations, competition, and technology lead today banking to be fully redesigned. Players are moving to customer-centric strategies, but transformational practices with long-term vision are still a minority.

Big Data and meaningful analytics can demonstrate the ROI on customer experience, together with the investment of financial and staff resources and alignment of banks strategy with customer needs.

The financial & banking industry is facing dramatic changes driven by evolving customer behavior, interaction channels diversification and the digitalization of business and society in general.

Increasing sales while reducing costs remain the 2 top drivers in retail banking, who are translated today into emerging strategies:

  • Develop self-service and increase intelligent up-selling and cross-selling

  • Focus on customer, build a seamless experience across all touch-points

  • Improve digital and mobile banking, to cover low-serviced geographics

  • Adapt products to customers’ demand and competitive landscape

  • Build agile business models based on refined customers segmentation, in line with digital marketing and customer service strategies

  • Make “plateformification” of banking ecosystem a reality by integrating all systems and building a unified view of the customer

  • Use Big Data and analytics to optimize the services and monitor performance and efficiency

  • Remove organizational silos to adopt a unique culture across all business functions

  • Recognize and develop talents, collect Voice Of Customer and employee feedback

Let’s discuss these strategies and how Kleptika can support you in developing your bank of tomorrow.

% of CXOs say they are engaged in CX improvement

48% of customers are confident or very confident in their bank to listen and understand their needs
28% only of customers did notice a change

52% of customers are somewhat confident or not at all confident