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behavioral intelligence & profiling

Convert smartphone sensor data into behavioral insights to deliver
the right message to the right person, at the right time and place.

night owl, explorer, new dad

new place of work, up early

standing, listening to music

Convert mobile data into smart life opportunities

Smartphones come with a range of built-in sensors and as such have the capability to track our footprint in real-life. Very much as tags and cookies allow websites and digital service providers to track our online footprint.

With the right mobile sensor fusion and intelligence, companies can track a person’s location, movement, and activities in real-time. And with the accurate classifiers and behavioral pattern modeling, these mobile events can be translated into meaningful moments, reflecting the real-life and real-time context and routines. 

For example detecting when someone is on the tram during his morning commute to work, or doing the weekly grocery shopping on his way to home, or picking the kids up from school, or having a lunch break at his usual pizza place, etc.

sentiance a Kleptika partner

Behavior intelligence & tracking with Kleptika

At Kleptika, we believe in innovative solutions and that is why we have partnered with Sentiance: the first of its kind solution in the region that brings the ultimate behavioural profile of each and every customer, within various industries such as taxicabs, retail marketing, healthcare, and many others.

Sentiance unlocks the unique power of sensor data from smart devices and wearables and offers real-time Ambient Intelligence to enterprises, DMPs, SMEs and mobile app developers. The platform empowers companies to build behavioral profiles of connected users and enrich those profiles with personalized, predictive and context-aware services. Sentiance is a data science company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze IOT sensor data in order to create a deep understanding of human behavior and context. Sentiance’s clients use the platform to create new products and services that turn the Internet of Things into the Internet of You.

driving behavior - Behavior intelligence & tracking with Kleptika

driving behaviour

Convert smartphone sensor data into driving and behavioral insights for quality centric services, delivering:

  • holistic driver behavior profiles,
  • contextual and real-time drivers engagement,
  • advocate customers,
  • low-cost and simple deployment

By tracking multimodal transport activities, individualized mobility profiles and heat maps are being generated to provide a contextual view into transport trips and patterns frequented places and typical trajectories. Also, using the same motion sensor data, detailed and multi-layered driver behavior profiles and scores are being generated, enabling quality-of-service and safety control, better insurance and maintenance solutions, and personalized driver coaching and assistance.

marketing behavior - Behavior intelligence & tracking with Kleptika

marketing behaviour

Understanding a customer’s situational context, especially when enriched with other behavioral profile or demographic data, enables companies and brands to deliver more relevant and engaging customer experiences. Contextual marketing unlocks the holy grail of marketing: delivering the right message to the right person, at the right time and place.

Combine behavioral profiling and marketing automation to drive real-time and contextual customer marketing in order to drive retention and increase ARPU.

Rich behavioral profiles · Single customer view · Personalized experiences · Contextual interactions · Proactive and predictive engagement

health behavior - Behavior intelligence & tracking with Kleptika

health behaviour

Tracking health-related behavior makes health coaching more personalized, pro-active and preventative, by closing the gap between clinical evidence and practice when it comes to lifestyle choices and care adherence, therefore bringing society to gain massively in terms of cost.

Convert smartphone sensor data into a better understanding of real-life patient behaviour & disease burden, and impact on life, delivering:

  • prediction of best moment for interventions/suggestions,
  • dynamic monitoring of changes in routine as potential risk influencers,
  • next generation therapy adherence systems,
  • triage individuals based on patient-centric profiling,
  • low-cost and simple deployment