Contextor in the TOP250 of Syntec french software editors study


We are pleased to announce that our Robotic Desktop Automation and Robotic Process Automation solution has been selected as one of the TOP 250 in SYNTEC study.

Out of more than 250 French software companies, Contextor was ranked 99th in the horizontal editor category at the annual Top 250 Software Creators and Publishers Panorama. This event is organized by Syntec Numérique and Ernst & Young to rank French software companies according to their financial success during the last year and to analyze the industry’s contribution to the French economy.

Each enterprise was included in a general ranking and at least one of three subcategories: sector editor (for companies focused on one industry), horizontal editor (for companies addressing multiple industries) and personal and games editor (for companies targeting individuals or game publishers).

The impressive results of the survey demonstrate the non-stop innovation of the software industry and confirm its capability to support growth and job creation in France.

Considering the rapid growth of the RPA & RDA market, CONTEXTOR will continue to climb in that list of successful software companies.

The full study is available in french HERE.

Kleptika partners with Contextor the European Leader in RPA/ RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation) to automate businesses processes and optimize results for all UAE and GCC companies.