Deliver exceptional and innovative customer experience, while tightly controlling the costs.

Distribution & Retail

Distribution and retail industries face the challenge to deliver an exceptional customer experience while fighting for a price and saving their tight margins.

These customer services focused businesses need to deal with the transforming market that has created new customer expectations and offered new ways to transact business.

This leads today to an equal importance of customer service solutions and fleet management systems, warehouses, etc., to maintain competitive advantages and customers loyalty.

Distributors operate in very competitive markets.

The ease of contact, the exactness of information, the pricing models, and the quality of care across all steps of the purchasing process heavily affect the future orders.

Dissociated view of customers with repetitive data across non-integrated systems, high quantity of manual tasks and segregated information systems from distributors and suppliers also impact customers the costs and suppliers experience while unnecessarily increasing the costs.

Let’s discuss together and design a plan where Kleptika can support you in answering your main challenges:

  • deliver a unique and accurate customer service in an omnichannel ecosystem

  • speed-up business velocity by re-thinking process automation

  • align resources and operations to anticipate demand

  • be proactive to achieve excellence in customer care

  • get the right analytics to forecast sales and operations

  • know your clients and their specific needs by creating relevant profiles and associated portfolio

  • place customer service at the heart of the company culture

  • monitor performance at every stage of the purchase process

  • Identify, recruit and develop the right talent