Driving behaviour: using intelligent tracking drivers’ profiling through a mobile app

Engaged drivers on safer roads: using intelligent tracking drivers’ profiling through a mobile app.

The future of mobility is evolving and shifts from being car and transport centric to user centric. New modes of transport and new concepts of mobility are emerging to address the growing challenges and impact of traffic congestion. By placing the individual commuter at the centre, new mobility services will be tailored to the specific needs and travel patterns of the user, while ensuring sustainable and safe transport.

Safety, quality assurance, and customer experience are at the heart of strategy for companies operating taxicabs, public transports, vehicles lease & rental, or business & industrial fleets.

Traditionally, these companies use black box devices that are mounted inside the car, and use a bunch of high-end sensors to monitor driving behaviour; but such black boxes come with several disadvantages:

  • high cost of installation and maintenance, no distinction between drivers: cars are often used by several drivers, whether they are taxi drivers or family members,
  • no opportunity for personalized driver coaching,
  • and no way of augmenting the data with important context: by example, did the driver just spend a few hours napping on the side of the road, or was the driver using his phone while driving?

Kleptika, the expert in delivering end-to-end solutions within the customer experience ecosystem, is the sole distributor in the MEA region of Sentiance, a European solution that offers real-time Ambient Intelligence automated through a proprietary sensor fusion platform.

Legal driver Sentiance - driving behaviour KleptikaSentiance converts smartphone sensor data into real-life and real-time behavioural profiles, including rich insights into mobility, commuting and driving patterns. By tracking multimodal transport activities, individualized mobility profiles and heat maps are being generated to provide a contextual view into transport trips and patterns, frequented places and common trajectories. Also, using the same motion sensor data, detailed and multi-layered driver behaviour profiles and scores are being generated, enabling quality-of-service and safety control, better insurance and maintenance solutions, and personalized driver coaching and assistance.

To compare, cluster and analyse a user’s driving behaviour, four types of score are used:

  • Efficiency: based on the magnitude and duration of the events; i.e. the G-force encountered by the driver and his passengers while accelerating or braking, and the centripetal force encountered during turns.
  • Anticipation: based on the time between subsequent events; i.e. represents how smooth a user drives, and models his ability to anticipate traffic conditions. The anticipation score represents sequences of events, such as braking before versus during a turn, coasting versus braking in front of a traffic light, etc.
  • Phone usage: related to the number of times a driver uses his phone while driving.
  • Legality: represents the number of speed limit violations, based on an accurate, in-house map matching solution, specifically designed to handle low-frequency GPS fixes.

The real-time data that are collected from smartphones are used to deliver numerous customizable dashboards, from high-level global KPIs, up to detailed moments per trip and per driver:

fleet_dashboard with Sentiance / Kleptika

A screenshot from our fleet dashboard. This dashboard is made available to our commercial partners, together with a mobile SDK and an API that allows you to query the driving behavior details programmatically.




Specific trips can be analyzed in detail to discover why a certain trip score was obtained. Events are mapped to the trajectory and can be enabled or disabled interactively.

Applied to companies using large fleets of vehicles and numerous drivers, Sentiance allows to rate every driving profile: based on the driving aggressiveness, traffic insight and anticipation, and speeding profile, evaluation and even incentives can be adapted to each individual. As a result, the majority of drivers will see their evaluation and/or bonuses increase, whereas the few aggressive ones will notice a decrease.


The main features of the solutions are:

  • Fleet management: driver tracking, profiling, coaching / predictive car maintenance / mobility trip administration, multimodal mobility budget
  • Ride sharing: driver profiling, coaching / optimized dispatching & pooling / clustering & matching based on trip context, mobility patterns and social relations / attract & retain ride sharing users and promote the right offers
  • Smart mobility in Smart Cities: study & coaching of mobility behaviour / multimodal mobility recommendations / mobility-as-a-service
  • Connected cars: smart ride personalization and assistance / moving trip experiences

If your company faces some of the challenges spotted here, and if customer experience and efficiency are at the heart of your strategy, let’s talk and see how we can collaborate on building a (very) successful story, and make together engaged drivers on safer roads.