{Guest post} Accelerating performance throughout the Middle East with Contextor

At Contextor we’ve been automating businesses processes and optimising results across France and Europe and are now the European leader of RPA and RDA. A wide range of businesses have seen first-hand how our robotic solutions can transform their working environment, not to mention dramatically improve their bottom line, and we make it our mission to enable others to excel.

Now we’re moving forward into a new era, helping companies in the Middle East to realise their full potential. In partnership with Dubai-based customer experience strategists Kleptika, we are able offer European best of breed Process automation with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solution and Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) technology to Middle East clients in different sectors, including healthcare, telecoms and finance.

Companies in the Middle East are focused on customer satisfaction like never before, and they understand the long-term value of positive customer experience. In the UAE, events such as Expo 2020 represent a huge opportunity to capitalise on the country’s time in the spotlight and maximise sales, however, alongside increased opportunity comes increased competition. An engaging concept is no longer enough to secure customer loyalty and even the most innovative ideas still demand agile solutions in order to stay one step ahead. In a regional survey by Software-as-a-Service firm LogMeIn, over 61% of survey respondents in the UAE rated ‘customer experience management’ the highest priority on their company’s strategic agenda and at Contextor we are at the forefront when it comes to enhancing efficiency and increasing value for clients and customers alike.

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Contextor the European Leader in RPA/ RDA. The company business strategy provides an integrated development environment implementing agile and enhanced customer experience. Contextor brings the RPA technology to the desktop level in a fast and easy way, minimizing time to market and flexibility. Gain time is good but providing a solution that benefits operations and the customer side is even better. Our solution is currently deployed in back and front office, point of sales, branches and even mobile applications.

Guest post – Luc Cavelier, Executive VP Business Development for Contextor