Unleash the power of hyper automation.

Empower predictive troubleshooting via self-care and assisted channels leveraging on the latest technologies from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Innovative workflow automation bringing hyper automation

Since 2006 Bulb Technologies has been delivering software solutions for operations automation to automate and augment business processes by application of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Bulb Technologies provides two solutions, Cempresso and DACS.

Cempresso – Tackling the most common business challenges with workflow hyper automation

Bulb Cempresso - Legacy systems

Legacy systems

Companies today usually have many legacy systems in use which increases process complexity.

Bulb Cempresso - Process Complexity

Process complexity

To respond to market demands businesses had to create new offers and design new processes which add to complexity.

Bulb Cempresso - Resources availability

Resources availability

The load on high tech resources is constantly increasing, making them unavailable for key automation processes.

Bulb Cempresso - Customer expectations

Customer expectations

Reaching customer expectations has always been a challenge but today they are sky rocketing.

Bulb Cempresso - Self-care Apps

Self-care apps

Being accessible to clients through various channels is a MUST – anywhere and anytime they want or need it.

Cempresso Suite – modular LCAP solution for hyper automation

Bulb Cempresso suite

Cempresso Suite – new layer of automation covering End-to-End processes

Bulb Cempresso - Hyper-automation self-care

Hyper automation self-care and customer service

Cempresso as a workflow automation powered with AI exposed to end customer or customer care agent.
Available on various channels.
Includes NLP driven chatbot, virtual agents and self-care applications.

Bulb Cempresso - Analytics and intelligence

Analytics and intelligence driven by AI and Machine learning

Cempresso platform integrated to relevant legacy system, network elements, connected devices, etc.
Automated ML driven data analytics that generates actionable insights and trigger proactive actions and post-deploy monitoring.

Bulb Cempresso - Orchestraion and onboarding

Orchestration and onboarding of process automation

Cempresso as a comprehensive layer of automation.
Connects customers, customer service and various departments through workflow automation and proactive flows on various channels.

Cempresso suite – Powerful and comprehensive Integration Framework

Cempresso suite - integration framework

Key features

Normalize access to various end-points (infrastructure elements) management methods.

Runtime hot-swaps driver replacement with no system downtime.

Simple and seamless driver invocation from the workflow design mode (WF modeler).

Supports for various standard protocols (WS, Telnet, SSH, SNMP, TL1, Corba, etc.), as well as drivers for connections to various vendor’s infrastructure platforms (e.g., CRM, Ticketing, ACS, NEMs, etc.)

Driver pooling and throttling concept for efficiency and resource management.

Embedded driver usage monitoring for reporting and alerting purposes.

Bulb DACS logo

DACS suite

Provisioning solution for the end-to-end fulfillment of Broadband and Multimedia Services via Cable Modems management.

DACS – Designed to give your cable business an edge

DACS - E22E fulfillment

End-to-end fulfillment

DACS offers end-to-end CPE device provisioning, management, and multi-standard support in a centralized platform.

Bulb DACS - Scalability


This leading provisioning solution in SEE manages millions of cable modems, and scales from small to even the biggest networks.

Bulb DACS - Reliability


DACS can support network growth and enable efficient resource consumption and can efficiently replace any existing legacy DHCP/DOCSIS solution.

Bulb DACS Simplicity


DACS can easily integrate with other service provider OSS/BSS systems through an immersive web service API.

Bulb DACS Support

Unbeatable support

DACS offering combines state-of-the-art, flexible technology with various customization options and excellent 24/7 customer support.

DACS suite – Architecture and System Components

Bulb DACS Architecture

Key features

Easy integration with service provider OSS/BSS systems, through comprehensive NBI API.

Active-active cluster configuration for horizontal scaling purposes.

Modular architecture for easy extensions of system functionalities.

No 3rd party licenses for system components (Postgres database, Mqueue, CentOS, …).