Kleptika community

Our vision

Bring intelligence to customer experience.

Our mission

Collaborate with customer-centric organizations to bring their customer experience to the next level, by leveraging on last Artificial Intelligence technologies and by tailoring comprehensive innovative solutions, having excellence as direction, passion and performance as engine and social engagement as fuel.

Our engagement

We are working hard to understand truly what matters to you as our customers and partners and how you connect with us.

Your priorities will all be different, but we will continue to strive to help you grow as individuals, as families and as a community.

Our promise is to continue to build our relationship with you in a caring, connecting and challenging way:

  • Caring: we will always look to be supportive, respectful and responsible
  • Connecting: we will look to engage with our clients, working together in a collaborative way and involved in the communities we operate in
  • Challenging: we are progressive, and we will always look to improve and make a difference

What we stand for

We are a leading international technology and services company delivering solutions tailored to consumers and enterprises’ needs across EMEA markets.

As a community-focused company, we are guided by our vision of enriching people’s lives and our belief that we can stimulate human growth by leveraging communications and elevating customer service to help people achieve their full potential.

Our principles

We truly believe that our six principles are vital for continued growth and prosperity:

  • Integrity
  • Client commitment
  • Strive for profitability
  • Enriching people’s lives
  • Teamwork
  • Highest standards