Kleptika’s use-cases:

Artificial Intelligence for banking: empowered customer experience and anti-fraud.

Banks have been at the forefront of using technology to support frontend and backend processes. Therefore, banks are adopting AI in many areas to stay ahead of the competition.

Behavioral intelligence helps to know the customers lifestyle profile outside the usage of bank’s products.

Omnichannel communication provides greater customer services through all the traditional and digital channels, whether they are self-care or assisted.

Deep Neural Network ensures faster and secure document processing, dramatically reducing processes workload when working closely with Robotic Automation.

That is why Kleptika can define with you the most effective journey to transform your business.

Moonoia DocBrain Deep Neural Network DNN document processing

Ai / DNN
Deep Neural Network

  • customer management: onboarding, renewal, cancellation
  • mobile cheque deposit
  • invoices processing
  • anti-fraud
  • statements reconciliation
  • KYC – GDPR
Sentiance behavioral Intelligence

Behavioral Intelligence
Lifestyle – KYC

  • Usage-based Insurance
  • Lifestyle-based profiling
  • Anti-fraud
Geomant multi channel platform

Omnichannel communication platform

  • Personalized notifications
  • Recovery and collection of due payments
  • Individualized tutorial and welcome videos
  • Self-service renewal of products
  • Mass or one-to-one marketing
Robotic Automation RPA RDA

Robotic Automation

  • reconciliation of data between systems
  • invoices processing
  • members management (onboarding, renewal, cancellation)
  • frontend and backend processes automation

Figures and external articles

80% of banks are aware of the potential benefits presented by AI.

Source: Business Insider (Dec. 2019)

75% of banks with over $100 billion in assets say they’re currently implementing AI strategies.

46% of banks with less than $100 billion in assets say they’re currently implementing AI strategies.