Kleptika’s use-cases:

Artificial Intelligence for healthcare: patient engagement and adherence to regulation.

AI in healthcare helps doctors and hospitals accessing numerous data of potentially life-saving information while engaging patients via digital interactive experience.

Behavioral intelligence provides valuable data for monitoring in real-time wellbeing behavior, leveraging on connected smart or medical devices.

Behind the scene, Deep Neural Network and Robotic Automation elevate operational efficiency, speed of processes and cost control.

That is why Kleptika can define with you the most effective journey to transform your business.

Moonoia DocBrain Deep Neural Network DNN document processing

Ai / DNN
Deep Neural Network

  • medical report processing
  • prescription digitalization
  • invoices processing
  • claims automation
  • KYC – GDPR
Sentiance behavioral Intelligence

Behavioral Intelligence
Lifestyle – KYC

  • patients’ weelbeing profiling
  • hyper-personalization at scale
  • monitoring of post-conditions
  • lifestyle data collection
Robotic Automation RPA RDA

Robotic Automation

  • reconciliation of data between systems
  • patients management (admission, exit, administration)
  • frontend and backend processes automation

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