Kleptika’s use-cases:

Artificial Intelligence for insurance: focus on KYC and Customer Experience.

The insurance industry is the one relying the most on Artificial Intelligence and data to build a key competitive differentiator.

Whether it is with behavioral intelligence for adaptive premiums, automated personalized onboarding of new members via multiple digital channels, and faster and secured claims processing, Kleptika defines with you the effective journey to transform your business.

Moonoia DocBrain Deep Neural Network DNN document processing

Ai / DNN
Deep Neural Network

  • automation of claims processing
  • medical report digitalization
  • member management: onboarding, rebewal, cancellation
  • invoices processing
  • anti-fraud
Sentiance behavioral Intelligence

Behavioral Intelligence
Wellbeing – Driving

  • Usage-based motor premium
  • Lifestyle-based health premium
  • Wellbeing monitoring
  • Compliance to rehabilitation protocol
  • Connection to wearable and medical devices
Geomant multi channel platform

Omnichannel communication

  • Personalized notifications
  • Recovery and collection of premium payments
  • Self-service renewal
  • Mass or one-to-one marketing
Robotic Automation RPA RDA

Robotic Automation

  • Claims processing automation
  • Reconciliation of data between systems
  • Invoices processing
  • Members management (onboarding, renewal, cancellation)
  • Automated quotations

Figures and external articles

67% of insurance CXOs believe that the adoption of AI is a key differentiator for their future business.

Source: Accenture May 2020

52% of insurance CXOs think that collaboration human-machine is essential to achieve their strategies.

Insurance CXOs say that only 25% of their employees are ready to work with AI.

Only 4% of insurance CXOs are ready to significantly invest in AI strategies over the next 3 years.