Kleptika’s use-cases:

Artificial Intelligence for retail: shopper experience and me-commerce.

Retailers are leading again the technology race after being the initiators of pallets, barcodes and credit cards. It is logical they embrace now Artificial Intelligence in a competitive me-commerce landscape.

Behavioral intelligence provides valuable data for boosting hyper-personalization, loyalty and targetted promotions.
Behind the scene, Deep Neural Network and Robotic Automation elevate operational efficiency and margin.

Omnichannel communication helps branding, new customer recruitment, and loyalty.

That is why Kleptika can define with you the most effective journey to transform your business.

Moonoia DocBrain Deep Neural Network DNN document processing

Ai / DNN
Deep Neural Network

  • vouchers and receipts processing
  • bill of lading automation
  • invoices processing
  • bank statements reconciliation
  • KYC – GDPR
Sentiance behavioral Intelligence

Behavioral Intelligence
Lifestyle – KYC

  • customers’ lifestyle profiling
  • hyper-personalization at scale
  • delivery team monitoring
  • predictive shopper behavior
Geomant multi channel platform

Omnichannel communication platform

  • hyper-personalized communication through digital channels
  • effective in-store notifications
  • customer service made easy and reliable
  • mass or one-to-one marketing
  • recovery and collection of due installments
Robotic Automation RPA RDA

Robotic Automation

  • reconciliation of data between systems
  • invoices processing
  • customers management (onboarding, renewal, cancellation)
  • frontend and backend processes automation

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94% of retail executives familiar with AI intend to invest in it.

60% of customers respond to the offer of help, and 99% consider the experience positive.

48% of customers say retailers should provide ondemand, personalized promotions when shopping.