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Improving customer experience ecosystems with 360-degree expertise.

Customer experience is top of mind for consumers and businesses alike, yet while everyone agrees on the importance of ‘getting it right,’ the process can prove a minefield for companies to navigate, with a number of internal and external factors at stake. In today’s marketplace, the gap between competitors is narrowing all the time and even big brands are struggling to stand out from the crowd, making positive customer experience (CX) more important than ever. In short, good is no longer enough and customers are searching for something exceptional in return for their loyalty.

In a regional survey by Software-as-a-Service firm LogMeIn, over 61% of survey respondents in the UAE rated ‘customer experience management’ the highest priority on their company’s strategic agenda in the lead up to Expo 2020. Further afield, according to US data from Insight Squared, $41 billion dollars is lost each year due to poor customer service and, just as New Voice found that 44% of consumers switch to a competitor following a poor customer service experience, Zendesk revealed 40% start purchasing from a competitor because of their reputation for great customer service.

Our team at Kleptika knows first-hand how customer experience can make or break businesses, it’s something we’ve learned over the years in our roles as customers, employees, employers and entrepreneurs. And that’s why we believe passionately in implementing agile and innovative solutions with the ability to improve every aspect of the customer experience ecosystem; it’s the secret to ensuring happy customers and unlocking a company’s true potential.

We work across a number of sectors – including banking, healthcare, outsourcing / BPO, telecoms, automotive and retail – to elevate their customer experience to the next level of excellence. From branding, sales support and contact center organization, to advanced technological solutions and performance management, we have the capabilities to transform customer interactions and enhance the bottom line.

The first stage is to observe the current situation and highlight any gaps; these primary observations then become the foundation of our collaborative journey working with the client to tailor a specific strategy. Before recommending any specific solutions, we redefine the fundamental process so that the chosen solution can optimize an efficient, as opposed to inefficient, environment from the very beginning.

End-to end solutions are delivered using an agile project approach, from strategy to change management. Before recommending any solutions, the fundamental process is redefined so that the chosen solution can optimize an efficient, as opposed to inefficient, environment from the beginning.

Indeed, Kleptika distributes its own products focused on smart tools for better CX:

– Smart Community, an online portal for corporate communities such as patient network, citizens portal, concierge services, HR portal, etc.

– PPI – the Predictive Performance Index – that enables to measure, monitor and control the performance of outbound predictive campaigns,

– Automotive CX, a comprehensive suite of tools and methods to ensure a higher customer experience in the automotive sector.

Our in-house expertise is supported by partners who share our values and strive for excellence. Where appropriate, we work with the following global leaders to create end-to-end strategies:

Technological solutions

– Robotic Process Automation & Robotic Desktop Automation from Contextor

Contextor is the European leader in the design and integration of innovative software solutions based on the performance of real-time increased interactions. Contextor is a smart software that streamlines business processes, automates repetitive tasks, helps you focus on added value tasks, and allows you to become more professional through next- best-action guidance.

Read more: http://www.ec-mea.com/kleptika-and-contextor-partner-to-deliver-rpa-and-rda-solutions/

Marketing behavioral from Sentiance

Sentiance unlocks the unique power of sensor data from smart devices and wearables and offers real-time Ambient Intelligence to enterprises, DMPs, SMEs and mobile app developers. The platform empowers companies to build behavioral profiles of connected users and enrich those profiles with personalized, predictive and context-aware services.

– IT solutions with Dot-square

Dot-square offers a wide range of IT solutions that meet the needs of any type of business for strategic transformation issues, operational performance and technological innovation. In addition to contact centre solutions, they offer HR solutions, business intelligence, and web and mobile apps.

People & process partners

– GCC Outsourcing with Silah Gulf

Silah Gulf (Silah), is a premium, multi- award winning customer experience solutions provider headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Silah was launched in 2009 as a Joint Venture in the Middle East region by Bahrain’s eGovernment Authority and UK-based Merchants (Dimension Data) and has operations in Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

– Management training with PBRH Consulting

PBRH Consulting delivers professional expertise in managing and developing Human Resources. Its aim is to collaborate with organizations in building an agile and efficient partnership, based on a fully operational approach, and allowing to face and succeed in each and every challenge.