Kleptika – Ecosystem of artificial intelligence solutions (video)

Kleptika’s AI components can be tailored and combined to create a unique intelligent ecosystem of solutions.
Simplify and fasten your processes to deliver a truly effective and personal customer experience.

Revolutionize document processing: read the un-readable with Deep Neural Network.

  • Automate data capture and validation
  • Read virtually any type of character and text in any language
  • Read handwritten documents with unparalleled accuracy

Move towards human-centric economy: turn motion into context with Behavior Intelligence.

  • Make roads safer for everyone with responsible drivers
  • Coach for healthier lifestyles
  • Hyper-personalize your customer experience at scale

Use rich-mobile digital platform to improve your customers and collaborators experience.

  • Multimedia support for voice, text, and video
  • Highly personalized content
  • Ecosystem of mobile apps to build adaptive workflows

Use a comprehensive IoT platform to protect and manage your assets anytime, anywhere.

  • Bring cost control and operational efficiency to the next level
  • Protect your assets with anti-theft detection
  • Automate preventive maintenance and inventory

Turn your smartphone into a smart scanner: secure mobile exchange of digital originals.

  • Transform your customers’ smartphones into a smart scanner and a workflow tool
  • Enable every capture to become a digital original document
  • Create, in minutes, workflows to guide your customers through the capture process