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customer experience

Offer to your customer a delightful omni-channel experience that will transform them into your best advocates ...

...and engage your talents in delivering customer services to the next level of excellence.

Kleptika Customer Experience

We believe in proven methodologies but we are also constantly listening to innovative trends and concepts related to service design, operational performance, and structural tools.

Reveal tangible & intangible assets

Customer Service is all about how to manage the intangible assets that are customers satisfaction, quality of service, people skills and processes performance.

It relies on the tangible assets of the products and services, the contact center and other touch-points, and of course the portfolio of customers.

Any Customer Service manager faces the same challenges:

– Ensure that each and every interaction brings value to the company and to the customers,
– Create the same great customer experience across all channels and activities,
– Animate the social media networks,
– Be a talent developer and retainer, and develop entrepreneurial attitude,
– Meet company strategy goals.

At Kleptika we believe in your company resources competencies and your business maturity, and we help you to reach the next level of customer service excellence by unleashing your existing potential.

Deliver the service excellence your customers are expecting.

Creating a delightful customer experience is to place the customer at the heart of the company thinking, and his satisfaction as a result of each business process.

Key drivers of customer-focused organisations include:

– An agreed and communicated level of desired customer experience in line with the overall business goals,
– A unified experience whatever is the touch point,
– A strong and continuous involvement of management in measuring and improving practices,
– Associated rewards and incentives programs that recognize customer-oriented attitudes.

¬†Kleptika’s team of customer service consultants have strong track records in building customer experience elevation strategies and improving efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, across major industries.