We bring artificial intelligence to customer experience

Moonoia DocBrain Deep Neural Network DNN document processing

Deep Neural Network Document processing

Achieve up to 99,9% recognition of handwritten, unstructured and low-quality documents by using DNN models.

Sentiance behavioral Intelligence

Behavioral Intelligence Motion into Context

Know Your Customer by turning motion into context. Unleash the potential of the smartphone sensors to make roads safer and strengthen loyalty.

Geomant multi channel platform

Customer service multi channel platform

Enable effortless customer interactions; deliver multi-channel customer service that complements functionality provided by Avaya and Microsoft Unified Communications.

HeronTrack - IoT assets Management

Manage your assets anytime anywhere via IoT

Bring costs control and operations efficiency to the next level of asset monitoring, automated inventory and maintenance tracking.

Opportunity - rich mobile digital communication platform Opportunity

Rich-mobile interaction platform

Contact your customers in a way that is customized, large-scale, extremely fast, and at costs that only a full-digital approach can unlock.

Shoot & Prove = Mobile Digital Originals exchange

Secured transactions of digital originals

Transform your customers’ smartphones into an advanced scanner and make every captured document a digital original.

Robotic Automation RPA RDA

Robotic Process and Desktop Automation

Unleash your CX by elevating your front and back office processes efficiently. Integrate seamlessly with any of your system.

Our expertise

Kleptika Expertise - Customer Experience CX operational performance

CX operational performance

Free people, processes, and technology potential to bring contact center organization to next level of excellence and change the way you interact with your customers.

Kleptika Expertise - Digital Marketing SEO Social Media

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Your brand is the DNA of your company. Kleptika is your partner to optimize your digital and social presence, your marketing effectiveness, and your corporate image. Let’s boost your awareness and reputation.

Kleptika Expertise - Lean Process Six Sigma

Lean Process build & Optimization

Improve your efficiency, reduce unnecessary waste, and increase your productivity. Kleptika supports you during the whole journey of your process optimization and best tools recommendation.

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