Kleptika - Tomorrow is today

elegant solutions

ɛlɪɡ(ə)nt / adjective

graceful and stylish in appearance or manner,

in a solution to a problem:
pleasingly ingenious & simple

Our Approach


We define together a scope of our observation that will establish the foundation of  our collaborative journey. This observation will collect what is in place and address any component that is missing.


As per the results of the observation, we design with you the new business and operational processes. We also define together the quick-wins that will allow very quickly to see added value. We collaborate to detail the planning of changes in a clear way in order to grant a smooth and efficient execution.


We execute and manage the plan; we put the new processes in place, we set up the operations and we transfer the knowledge to the representatives.


We measure and analyze the KPIs defined during the planning phase with your operational teams and management; we tune together the needed adjustments to ensure the efficiency and performance of your business transformation.

RDA icon - Kleptika

Robotic Automation

  • Unleash your CX by elevating your front and back office processes efficiently.
  • Build, within days, real time contextual interfaces to make every customer transaction a delightful and profitable experience.
  • Integrate seamlessly with any of your backend systems through RPA and RDA.
  • Achieve better compliance and more guidance.

behavioral intelligence - Kleptika

Behavioral intelligence

  • Know Your Customer like you never did before by anticipating their lifestyle needs.
  • Unlock the unique power of sensor data from smart devices and wearables and offer real-time Ambient Intelligence.
  • Build behavioral profiles of connected users and enrich those profiles with personalized, predictive and context-aware services

Chatbot NLP - Kleptika

Chatbot NLP

  • Deliver outstanding service 24/7 via digital devices using Natural Language Processing in any language and dialects, including Arabic.
  • Achieve personalized one-to-one targeted offers with real time recommendations.
  • Efficiently automate your key processes with a virtual assistant that understands and meets your customers’ needs.

deep neural network - Kleptika

Deep Neural Network

  • Achieve more than 99% recognition of handwritten, unstructured and low-quality documents by using DNN algorithmic.
  • Decipher handwriting via cognitive capture.
  • Enhance operational efficiency via automation.
  • Process millions of customers transactions faster and more accurately.

Digital originals - Kleptika

Digital originals

  • Transform your customers’ smartphones into a scanner.
  • Enable every capture to become a digital original document.
  • Create within minutes workflows to guide your customers through the capture process.
  • Exchange these digital originals via multiple platforms (Email, Cloud, API).

Digital Community - Kleptika

Digital communities

  • Connect with customers, employees, citizens, patients, partners who share common values, purpose, interest, or activity.
  • Deliver value-added services through digital channels.
  • Support and engage your audience intimately in a branded and secure environment.
  • grow your own smart & happy social and corporate community.