healthcare - patient journey

Patient experience is an emotional journey.

Patient experience elevation has become one of the top 5 priorities for healthcare organizations for the coming years.

From the valet parking attendant to the CEO and practitioners, every staff has a role to play in bringing the patient at the center of care.

% of patients wish to have access to more mobile health portals

% of clinicians consider that use of mobile devices would allow them to deliver better patient experience

Like other industries, healthcare is facing new challenges generated by the financial profitability, the selective patients demand in terms of quality of experience, and the disruptive technologies offering omni-channels interactions.

Organizations that know how to put in place an innovative and agile change in the way to deliver the care will be those that dominate the market, but also those that will be able to transform society.


Kleptika is ready to collaborate with you in finding the answers to your challenges:

  • How to implement the transformation from a supply-centric to a demand patient-driven model, positioned at the heart of the care,

  • How to increase overall quality of care and of patient experience,

  • How to provide the right information to patients, through the right media and the right devices, to allow them making the best choice,

  • How to provide tailored services and remote care with the best quality,

  • How to design and implement the best technology enablers to deliver seamless patient experience throughout all the touch-points.