Kleptika is proud of its community of talents to deliver

sustainable and innovative AI ecosystems of solutions

Creativity is built on diversity of community exchanges,

that’s why partnerships drive Kleptika success.

We pride ourselves in creating mutually beneficial and high-value partnerships with innovative industry leading technology organizations, and client-focused enablers.

Kleptika technology partners

Moonoia docBrain - AI Deep Neural Network document processing

Conceive, Consume and Control Deep Neural Networks for document processing.

Sentiance - Behavioral Intelligence - Turn motion into context

Unlock the power of your data with behavior intelligence: turn motion into context.

Geomant multi-channel platform

Geomant delivers multi-channel customer service that complements functionality provided by Avaya and Microsoft Unified Communications.

Herontrack IoT assets management

Monitor, track, maintain and inventorize your assets through IoT, anytime, anywhere.

Opportunity - Rich mobile communication platform

Boost your Customer Experience in recovery and marketing with a Digital Mobile multi-channels platform.

Shoot & Prove - Mobile digital originals exchange

Delegate the capture of information to smartphones, generate and exchange digital originals

Kletptika’s business partners

Square One Technologies - Digital Business automation

Harness the power of cognitive computing, automation, robotics, analytics to help organizations transform in the digital age.

DHS Arabia - Medical claims conveyance company

Use Information Technology to enable healthcare service providers in their business e-transformation.

injazat - Digital transformation - Innovation

Help organizations create new possibilities by capitalizing on innovative services and emerging technologies.