Telecoms need to dramatically transform their customer service culture and their products to compete in a volatile market space.


Customers and corporates are demanding more and more tailored services and products, driving operators to multiply capacity and connectivity of their networks to deliver new services anytime anywhere.


Telecoms need to engage in structural and cultural changes to face market demands in terms of new technologies, customer experience excellence, business solutions and worldwide consistency of quality and connectivity.

Telecoms are still perceived as the industry delivering one of the poorest customer experience, which lead to volatile customers and induced costs.

Businesses and consumers are using more and more digitalized services on omni-channels platforms, and the new generation massively using computers and smart phones is exponentially accelerating this trend.

Kleptika can support you in designing the successful strategies and initiatives to face your industry’s trends:

  • elevate your customer service to the next levels of excellence

  • build agile and adaptative

  • design an omni-channel support available anytime anywhere on any device

  • develop innovation on applications and services

  • gather platforms and services to offer efficient business and consumers packaged solutions

  • design flexible and agile business models for different markets while keeping quality and simplicity


50% of customers are dissatisfied with customer care

43% of telcos are engaged in projects to improve their FCR