Shoot and Prove - mobile digital originals exchange

Transform your mobile in an intelligent scanner:

get secured exchange of digital originals.

Shoot & Prove - Mobile digital originals exchange

Shoot & Prove delegates the capture of information on smartphones, to generate and exchange electronic originals.

Shoot & Prove - mobile document original exchange - workflow task

Create in minutes basic to complex workflows to collect the needed document(s) for each of your process.

Make this workflow resident on each customer mobile or send it when needed.

Share or not the costs with your customers.

Digital originals apply to any type of document exchange

for any industry or personal usage.

Shoot & Prove capability - medical healthcare document original exchange


  • Medical files
  • Reimbursement
  • Claims submission
  • Prescription
Shoot & Prove capability - bank document original exchange

Bank – Insurance

  • Onboarding of customers
  • E-contract completion
  • Claims submission
  • Renewal of membership
Shoot & Prove capability - retail e-commerce document original exchange

Retail – e-commerce

  • Store audits
  • Advertising animation
  • Delivery acknowledgment
  • Vouchers collection
Shoot & Prove capability - public services document original exchange

Public services

  • Identity documents
  • Waste management
  • Parking utilization
  • Land property
Shoot & Prove capability - law enforcement lawyers document original exchange

Law enforcement

  • E-documents services
  • Exchange between courts and lawyers
  • Complaints
  • Social support
Shoot & Prove capability - construction land document original exchange

Construction / Land Survey

  • Project progress
  • Problem reporting
  • Field reports transmission
  • Bill of lading

Shoot & Prove: 3 leading-edge tools for a customized solution.

Shoot & Prove - Mobile digital originals exchange - Mobile app IOS Android

Mobile app

  • Take pictures and scan documents with your smartphone
  • Certify enforceable electronic originals with geolocation and time stamping
  • Cloud storage and share with third parties
Shoot & Prove - Mobile digital originals exchange - Web portal

Web portal

  • Access and manage your documents
  • Design your own customized capture templates
  • Publish your services or send tasks to mobile users
Shoot & Prove - Mobile digital originals exchange - System Development interface

Programming interface

  • Easily integrate your business application to retrieve captured documents
  • Drive the Shoot&Prove engine with our REST API
  • Develop your own connectors