Organizations need engaged outsourcers to successfully manage business transformation while optimizing value and leveraging the latest technologies.


Next years will be years of disruption for Outsourcers who will turn into socially responsible long-term partners, proactively managing business and technology changes.

Started a decade ago, the digitalized interaction via email, the web, social media and self-service is growing explosively because of the new generation of customers.

Traditional contact centers face challenges related to new digital technologies, demand for a unified and consistent customer experience,  and strong analytics to fully monitor performance.

% of outsourcers have no analytic tools

54% of multi-channels interactions have no data transferred from a channel to the next one

1 out of 3 outsourcers do not have regular assessment of skills

Outsourcing market is on a steady growth for the past few years, with only 5% growth in 2015 to reach USD 75 billion.

Buyers expect the industry players to provide more than just a remote platform, but a long-term partnership setting up a true collaboration in managing business transformation, innovating in technologies, and delivering comprehensive analytics on Big Data.


Kleptika supports you in facing the coming challenges of the outsourcing industry:

  • Deliver a consistent customer journey

  • Build agile models to speed-up time to market while controlling costs

  • Design the “bi-modal” approach to consolidate the infrastructure and build flexibility

  • Follow new generation of customers behavior by setting up the digital engagement

  • Plan the reshaping of analytics and introduce Big Data

  • Prepare cloud and new financial models such ” per consumption”

  • Develop intelligent and user-friendly self-service using natural language, voice biometric, robotization of processes

  • Identify, recruit and develop the right talents

  • Specialize in industry (ies) to offer competitive advantage in partnering with buyers

  • Re-locate operations to near-shore locations to increase quality within controlled costs

3 out of 4 outsourcers predict the overall volume of transactions will increase in te next 3 years, while voice ones will decrease

non-voice interactions will reach up to 87% in the next 3 years

% of outsourcers say IT will not be able to support the future operational needs in the coming years, and 40% consider it already does not support current needs.