Robotic Desktop Automation, also called Attended RPA simplifies your business

Robotic Automation

simplify your business

Give your employees, contact center
and back office, their very own Robot
that will run collaboratively on every
desktop to automate tedious tasks
and workflows.

Take the robot out of your agents!

Processing an insurance claim, opening a bank account, recording a complaint, delivering contact center services: you can easily find numerous processes that are repetitive, time-consuming and that require lots of staff training.

RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation), also called Attended RPA, is the 4th industrial revolution, and it is happening now.

RDA is a solution that delivers very fast high process efficiency, costs reductions and lets your agents focus on delivering a high-end customer experience.

RDA is helping businesses build a digital workforce alongside their employees to deliver enhanced CX, improve efficiency and reduce risks.

As companies around the region experience mounting pressure to perform and profit in today’s highly competitive business climate, the introduction of RDA brings opportunities to optimize operations, reduce costs, increase flexibility, enhance accuracy, and consistency while allowing workers to focus on strategic and engaging initiatives.

By using robots, organizations improve their quality of service and their scalability of production, by being able to handle work peaks and short-term demands without recruiting or training.

Healthcare and Robotic Automation - Kleptika

Our RDA solution is process agnostic, can be implemented rapidly and ensures quick ROI.

In an era where innovation led disruption is the name of the game, this solution allows businesses to achieve process perfection through touchless automation.

At Kleptika, we believe in innovative solutions and that is why we have partnered with a RDA solution: the first of its kind solution in the region that improves quality, speed and delivers better value for customers, hence making them happy.


With a proven track record in various industries, such as BANKING (BNP Paribas), INSURANCE (AXA, SALAMA, Cardiff insurance), ENERGY (SUEZ, EDF, ENGIE), RETAIL (Carrefour), and TELECOMS (Orange, Bouygues Telecoms), AUTOMOTIVE (BMW) our RDA solution enables businesses to execute critical operations more efficiently, more securely and with greater agility.


If you can answer yes to those questions, then you need RDA:

  • Do you have well-defined processes?

  • Processes which does not require analytical thinking?

  • Processes with repetitive steps?

  • Processes with data entry need?

  • Data scrubbing and reporting?

  • Do you want to scale efficiently and decrease costs?

– – Seamless integration – –

no api seamless integration - Kleptika

our RDA solution

Supported Operating Systems

installable on the following operating systems (OS 32 or 64-bit):

Windows Icon

  • Windows XP SP3+
  • Windows Vista SP2+
  • Windows Seven SP1+
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server

Supported Technologies

can interact and manage applications with following technologies:

  • Web Applications (WEB3)
  • Window Applications
  • JavaSwing Applications
  • Java applications (AWT)
  • HLLAPI applications
  • Managing by UIAutomation

Popular applications

Popular applications with successful integration by our software:

  • SAP
  • Siebel
  • Oracle
  • Citrix
  • Worldspan
  • Genesys
  • Salesforce
  • SQL Server
  • Middleware
  • Amadeus
  • Intractive Intelligence
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Office
  • Avaya

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The most dangerous sentence is: "We've always done it this way!" Ready to automate your processes? Let's talk!

With our innovative Robotic Desktop Automation solution, organizations can automate tedious tasks to help employees work faster and more efficiently.

  • Drive down operating costs & align middle and back office operations to improve CX
  • Achieve high process efficiency, costs reductions & let your agents focus on delivering high-end CX.
  • Automate your Insurance, Banking, Telecom processes with a virtual workforce