Opportunity - Rich Mobile Communication platform

Power your customer KYC and recovery interactions

with a full digital rich-mobile platform.

Opportunity - Rich mobile communication platform

Build the perfect interaction solution combining rich-mobile platform modules and customer experience expertise to contact your customers in a way that is customized, large-scale, extremely fast, and at the best costs.

Opportunity - rich-mobile communication platform - SMSconversational interactive customized SMS conversation

SMS conversational

  • Simple and fast management: no graphic creation, a very short message created within a minute.
  • Customizable content via variables.
  • Interactive, possibility to exchange information with your client
  • Rebound possible via URL
Opportunity - rich-mobile communication platform - Clic to pay mobile payment recovery collection

Clic2Pay: boost your recovery efficiency

Let your customer do mobile payment as they want to:

  • Card, Paypal, Apple pay, Samsung pay,
  • set up a payment plan,
  • make a bank transfer,
  • request an agent callback,
  • make a promise-to-pay.
Opportunity - rich-mobile communication platform - MyVIP HTML5 Video customized

MyVIP: Personalized HTML5 videos

  • Tailored and interactive HTML5 video allowing to broadcast personalized videos with high added-value.
  • Attract your customers’ attention by offering personalized visual and audio content using data from your CRM (voice, tone, music, sound effect, graphic charter and variables).
Opportunity - rich-mobile communication platform - RDV appointment scheduler

RDV: Set the best time to communicate

Give your customers the opportunity to contact you when they are available through a conversational module for connecting and making appointments from a mobile.

  • Available on different supports,
  • Closing Timings management.
Opportunity - rich-mobile communication platform - PushSMS mass SMS customized

PushSMS: send mass customizable SMS

  • Single or mass SMS sending,
  • Simple and fast management,
  • Writable customizable content by variables,
  • Sender customization,
  • Messages longer than 160 characters,
  • Enrich your SMS with a short URL and Rebound possible.
Opportunity - rich-mobile communication platform - VMS customized voice messages

VMS: voice messages made easy

  • Broadcast a voice message on an inbound or outbound call from IVR,
  • Personalize the tone, the voice by an actor, the number displayed and the content of the message by variables with a quality speech synthesis,
  • Optimize your strategy by targeting your customers according to your challenges and your processes.
Opportunity - rich-mobile communication platform - Survey designer

Survey Design: get the voice of your customers

  • Customizable satisfaction measurement solution allowing you to define your Customer Experience management strategies,
  • Easily create any type of web or SMS questionnaire, define your graphic charter as well as the editorial tone and distribute them via various media.
Opportunity - rich-mobile communication platform - PushEmail mass marketing email

PushEmail: send customized mass emails

  • Send efficient Push Mail marketing mass campaigns to effectively alert, inform, and retain your customers,
  • 100% customizable content and format,
  • Strong visual identity,
  • Allows interactions and rebound towards a site, a page, a personalized Video…

Build an ecosystem of modules to create the most efficient collection process

Opportunity - bring Collection Recovery process efficiency to next level - Pre-term

Pre-term notification

  • Notify on the payment term
  • Encourage to move to automatic payment
  • SMS conversational
  • MyVIP
Opportunity - bring Collection Recovery process efficiency to next level - Amicable collection

Amicable collection

  • Omnichannel contact automation
  • Improved reachability
  • Reduced costs
  • Self-resolution
  • SMS conversational
  • VMS
  • PushEmail
  • RDV
  • Clic2Pay
Opportunity - bring Collection Recovery process efficiency to next level - Pre-litigation

Automated pre-litigation

  • Omnichannel strategy
  • Secured contact with customer
  • SMS conversational
  • VMS
  • PushEmail
  • RDV
  • Clic2Pay
Opportunity - bring Collection Recovery process efficiency to next level - Regain customer

Regaining customer

  • Maintain customer experience
  • Detect weakened customers
  • Retain customers
  • SMS conversational
  • MyVIP
  • SurveyDesign