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SMART community creates the spaces which individuals feel part of, and where they can go anytime anywhere to exchange on common topics, interests, values, or organizations.

New technologies have added a fourth dimension to the three primary pillars of a community; Internet joined home, work, and play places to allow new forms of communication between close and foreign individuals who share common interests, activities, or lifestyle.

Online communities provide a focus for social interaction, and for quickly sharing valuable information and services. They improve communication between co-workers, customers, citizens and suppliers while enabling consumer-to-consumer interactions.

Marketers can use these community tools to elevate their customers’ experience to generate higher loyalty and sales, or to strengthen their employees’ engagement.

We provide an end-to-end solution to enable companies to support and engage their customers more deeply in a branded and secure environment, across the different types of online communities:

BtoB Communities: to build relationships with suppliers and partners

BtoC Communities: to build relationships with new and existing customers

BtoE Communities: to build relationships with employees.

SMART community is adaptable to any type of online community, in any environment. SMART community includes tools to make processes more efficient, therefore reducing response time and operating costs.

SMART community is used for offering advanced agile portals for Concierge services, Education, Employees, Citizens, or Patients,  built in respect of the 3 pillars of community engagement.

SMART community pillars - Kleptika

My Small Community - Kleptika

Example of live applied SMART community:

My Small Community is a social innovation which contributes in enhancing neighborhoods’ communities. They wish to encourage trust, sharing and swapping in a context of proximity.

We co-founded of My Small Community: a free and private network connecting neighbors living in the same community, in line with the Smart City program of Dubai.

The platform consists in building a new society worshipping sharing and collaborative values. They hope to inspire cities to be smarter and more connected.