Smart City

Beyond technology and infrastructures, human capital is the key to designing, building and making future cities live. Dubai is a key example of such Citizen Centric approach.

Moving people to urban centers has many benefits, such as making innovation easier by sharing more ideas, developing economy and productivity by reducing transports’ times, and making a better utilization of energy and land.

But it also generates new challenges as the ratio of urban citizens versus rural ones will double in one century: producing enough energy without impacting the environment, hosting high population densities while keeping a safe and clean ecosystem, offering a high level of quality life to empowering happy, innovative and community-engaged citizens.

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Turning IOT sensor data into Behavioral Insights

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Driving behaviour: using intelligent tracking drivers’ profiling through a mobile app

Engaged drivers on safer roads: using intelligent tracking drivers’ profiling through a mobile app. The...

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Smart Citizens are the foundations of Smart Cities

Citizens are the fuel and the foundation of Smart Cities. Beyond technology and infrastructures, human...

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